Terms Of Service

  1. All filming and post production is carried out within time-blocks allocated as per rates card (โ€˜per projectโ€™ pricing is not offered).ย 
  2. If scope or brief of a project changes after work has commenced, additional time blocks may be required at the expense of the client.
  3. All additional graphic,video and audio assets should be provided by client prior to post production commencing – BGVC is not liable for time lost or missed deadlines due to missing or late assets.
  4. Time blocks may not be broken into smaller blocks. All blocks are carried out in single, linear sittings.
  5. Upon full payment, clients own all edited digital assets created by BGVC as per brief. All raw/unedited media filmed by BGVC is owned by BGVC unless otherwise arranged prior to work commences. Cost for raw media is calculated at 150% of filming costs per project. Preparation for transfer of raw/unedited media or request for project libraries will incur fees/time blocks.
  6. For large or ongoing projects SSD drives are to be provided by the client prior to project commencing (all SSD drives held by BGVC remain property of the client).
  7. Clients are responsible for downloading, storing and backing up all delivered media within 5 business days from digital delivery.ย 
  8. Any delivered assets lost by client that require re-uploading to access drive (if available) will be charged as a revision block.ย 
  9. A deposit may be required prior to filming commencing.
  10. A flat fee of $350 (exc GST) applies to any confirmed filming or post production blocks that are cancelled within 5 business days.ย 
  11. Revision blocks required due to technical error or mistakes made solely by BGVC are not charged. All other revisions are charged as per rate card. Revision blocks are only available after half or full day edit to create draft has occurred.
  12. Payment may be required in full prior to delivery of digital assets.ย ย 
  13. BGVC is not liable for any copyright infringements that may occur due to the use of client-provided assets in any projects.ย